"We translate the ideas and objectives of our clients and their strategic visions to solutions"

About Us


Who We Are

Palm Springs (PSC) is a 100% Saudi limited liability company with a capital of SAR 500,000. It was established in 2005 with the main offices being in Riyadh and operating in all regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

We currently have more than 250 highly skilled and specialized employees in the following fields:

  • Consulting in Engineering, Financial, and Mangerial feilds
  • Project management and operations support
  • Information technology
  • Marketing and commercial agencies
  • Integrated communications
  • Development and training

Our Mission

We translate the ideas and objectives of our clients and their strategic visions to solutions, programs, and projects that fit their future aspirations and to contribute to the prosperity of future generations.

Our vision

To be the leader in GCC and the Arab world with international aspirations, in the fields of integrated solutions and innovative initiatives to serve the community, which coincides with the objectives of the both private and government sectors and turn them into reality in accordance with Saudi Vision 2030.

Our Values

o Human capital development
o Raising quality and continuous commitment to excellence
o Develop the loyalty of employees to achieve the highest results
o Commitment to work ethics
o Ensure that all our employees meet the highest standards of health and safety
o Employees are our most valuable asset
o Contributing to the development of society

"Develop a national competencies and create a generation of creative professionals"




We at Palm Springs use our extensive knowledge with our global expertise to achieve the highest levels of professional service offered to our clients. We are flexible in providing service to ensure the best results in meeting of our customer needs.
We adopt the approach that best suits our clients' policies, which makes them always look to us as an ally and as a department within their organizations rather than an outsider.


Project management & Operations Support

We offer a wide and comprehensive range of services for all categories of employees. Palm Springs offers innovative, non-traditional solutions that match expectations and support managements in focusing on their core tasks and their goals and promises. Palm Springs promises to be the ideal partner for any company looking for high quality administrative and technical logistics.

Marketing & Commercial Agencies

We develop integrated marketing plans and solutions as well as we create new products for the organizations and we find new partnership opportunities for our clients with our ability to manage any social or government initiatives.

Development and training

We are well aware of the importance of training for individuals, corporations and society as a whole. Therefore, we provide training solutions and packages that have been designed to support and develop the workforce of our clients and hence improve their abilities and professional skills.


We cooperate with our clients to develop their strategies and achieve their objectives which will raise the levels of technical, financial and administrative performance, quality control, risk management and assistance by choosing the best scientific and practical strategies according to international best pratices.

Information technology

Palm Springs Company is committed to providing its professional IT services at the highest levels, we believe that it is necessary to provide a full range of services to our customer to maximize the use of IT components. Our services includes infrastructure, solutions and applications, as well as a wide range of professional support services.

Strategic communication:

Our services and products include brand production or rebuilding, brand image building, crisis and content management, as we also provide a comprehensive strategic communication vision.

"Implement strategic partnerships with academic, national and international research centers"



Quality Policy

As part of our continued commitment to excellence, Palm Springs has committed itself to providing the highest standards of services in all areas of its business.
We continuously seek to develop and document the loyalty of our partners to contribute to our mutual successes by providing services and solutions that are equal or exceeded their expectations.

Our strength lies in:

  • An integrated advisory board with expertise in various disciplines required by government and private sectors.
  • A team of national, Arab and international experts to fulfil our customers mission and vision.
  • Develop a national competencies and create a generation of creative professionals.
  • Search for professional and distinguished competencies, and invest in their potentials.
  • Create an innovative, high-quality, efficient and open business environment.
  • Implement strategic partnerships with academic, national and international research centers.
  • Maintaining the concept of social responsibility among our partners and developing unique programs to empower them.

"we provide training solutions and packages that have been designed to support and develop the workforce of our clients"



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