Our Vision

The vision of Palm Springs Limited Company is to be a key contributor to Saudi’s business success by providing professional, value-added services on cost effective terms. Our vision supports the mission of being a reliable services provider to the business of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Palm Springs is to be the preferred, trusted and successful long strategic partner for our Clients.

  • We at Palm Springs:
    • Encourage constant learning and endeavor to improve our team to their utmost potential.
    • Strive for fairness and adhere to the highest ethical standards.
    • Pursue excellence in everything we do.
    • Are accountable for our actions.
    • Support each other and work together to achieve our objectives.
    • Strive to maintain the highest levels of safety, security, health and environmental standards.
    • Responsive to the hopes of our clients.
    • Support our communities and serve as a role model for others.
    • Honored of our company and committed to preserving its assets and resources.